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Monthly XCASH Airdrop

Every month, 1% of the XCASH supply is released through a free airdrop and bounty program.

Every month we are releasing 1% of the coins through an Airdrop process. Everyone can register for free and claim a fraction of the released amount.

We felt this was the right way to do things, as it gives the possibility for anyone to be involved in the project, even if one does not have access to significant mining power.


Safety Measures

Keeping funds safe is our primary concern. We are using a combination of multi-signatures wallets and cold storage solution to guarantee the integrity of your assets.


To increase the security of hot wallets, we are using a combination of multi-signature wallets scattered in private networks on dedicated instances.

Cold Wallet Storage

Up to 97% of deposits are kept in offline storage secured in bank vaults.


To limit the impact of a potential breach, we have setup a custom watchdog that analyzes our infrastructure behavior and triggers a sequence of funds remittance to cold wallet in case of unexpected events.

Link to x-payment

X-bank will be the base on which our x-payment solution will be designed on.

Thanks to the integration of x-payment into the x-bank, it will be easy for merchants, users and developers to interact with the network and perform operations.